Dr. Audrey Boxwell

Dr. Boxwell will lead a discussion with Dr. Annette Cannon on "Restoring Your Mental Health After the Pandemic”

As a psychotherapist and pastoral counselor, Dr Audrey Boxwell has been researching the mind/body connection and their role in healing for the past 2 decades. She currently practices outside the office, taking patients and clients in groups or individually on walks or hikes to guide each person move through long-standing psychological, physical and even spiritual issues with greater ease. According to Boxwell, “Walking beside patients levels the playing field, eliminating the hierarchy existing in traditional office settings. This, coupled with the forward action of walking and or hiking, serve as a perfect metaphor toward possibilities, rather than getting stuck in the past, focusing on missed opportunities or long held negative beliefs." In her new book, From Sole to Soul: A Daily Prescription for Moving Forward in Your Life (Hanover Press) Boxwell presents daily doses of movement motivations in the form of bite-sized anecdotes, health facts and inspirational morsels to get readers up and out and on their way to creating a new day--one filled with personal goals and action steps to in order to "walk their talk.”
She is also the designer and founder of PsycheHike®, an integrated physical, emotional and spiritual program that reduces stress and increases overall health by lifting brain fog and bringing clarity to long held dreams and life purpose. 
Blog - Audrey Boxwell, PhD and podcasts Podcast Archives - Audrey Boxwell, PhD as well as additional information here: www.AudreyBoxwell.com.

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