2023 Colorado Women’s Day™ Poster Contest


Submissions for the 2023 Colorado Women's Day" Poster Contest” will be acceoted October 1 through October 31, 2022. Work can be submitted from anywhere on the planet.


The winning design will be presented at the main Colorado Women’s Day event on March 10, 2023.


Any form of media that is appropriate for a poster may be submitted by sending a jpeg of the work to Deborah@ixPowerFoundation.org.  Please include your name, when the art was created, and the mediums employed for your piece.


As of this posting, the theme of the 2023 event has not been determined.  Please check back with us in September 2022 if you want your design to specifically reflect the 2023 theme.  Otherwise, preference will be given to art which acknowledges women’s achievements.  The theme of women and water is also always a preference in art for this event’s poster.  In developing nations, women often spend the greater part of the day fetching water for their family, and we are always advocating for improved clean water facilities for families around the globe. Our judges are open to possibly selecting TWO different poster designs if one preferred submission reflects women’s achievements and another reflects the struggle for women to obtain water.  At least a $200 cash prize will be awarded – maybe more. Artist must turn over rights to their artwork if their submission is selected, but artist will always be identified on poster copies and publicly acknowledged. The first 50 submissions will be presented on the website and social media portals of Colorado Women’s Day. ™




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