Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...
Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...

Current Projects of the IX Power Foundation


As noted on our HOME page, the IX Power Foundation's activities can be categorized into three main areas:


  • Knowledge Transfer: Assisting “positive-goal”-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations by transferring key knowledge that assists growth and direction. The Foundation does this by offering consulting services, speakers and teachers, and placement of exceptional scientific and executive talent.


  • Issue Promotion:  Promoting and supporting issues and technological advancements, both local and abroad, that create a positive nexus for humanity, the economy, and the environment.


  • Project Creation:  Creating and supporting projects both within the U.S. and internationally that encourage and demonstrate advancements in technologies and practices that improve living conditions of the population, while preferably also having a positive impact on the environment.


Currently, the specific activities that the Foundation is working on within these categories include:


The IX Power Foundation Water for Food Security Project

        Clean water - for crops, people, and livestock, is essential to life on our planet. IX Power Clean Water is a project founded by members of the Foundation to offer advanced technologies and services for cleaning contaminated water that traditionally has been "lost" due to the global disposal mentality.  IX Power Clean Water is fostering a number of inventions to effectively and efficiently clean the very worst polluted water and turn it into "found" water.  The Foundation is assisting this effort by seeking grant funding, pilot projects and clients, and by creating public awareness.    


Clean Water for Bangladesh

             Under the IX Power Foundation Water for Food Security Project is the Clean Water for Bangladesh campaign.  Visit our page on this project and the situation in Bangladesh.  Visit the public fundraising page for Clean Water for Bangladesh.




JeffCo Innovators' Workshop

        A collaboration between the Foundation and the City of Golden, Colorado, the monthly JeffCo Innovators' Workshop offers networking opportunities as well as interesting speakers and presentations on various topics of interest to startups and small businesses. While presented in Golden, the workshop has enjoyed a reach and audience from all over Colorado and the U.S.


The JeffCo Innovation Faire

        The next Innovation Faire in 2016 will continue the tradition of the two-day, outdoor 2014 Innovation Faire with opportunities for startups and small businesses to increase public awareness of their products and services. 


IX Power Apprenticeships & Internships

         The Foundation recognizes the importance of fostering new talent for the future.  To that end, we coordinate a number of hands-on STEM and marketing internships and apprenticeships every year within the foundation and our sister IX Power companies.


IX Power Speakers Bureau

          The Foundation offers speakers able to address a number of topics on either a pro bono basis or for a small fee.


IX Power Services

         Frequently a for-profit or non-profit business that offers a product or service that is aligned with the Foundation's values cannot afford the services of a "for profit" marketing agency or to hire their own team.  Through our many professional connections, the Foundation offers consulting, training, and specific project services in the following areas:


  1.         IX Power People - A unique talent agency to connect an exclusive club of some of today's most brilliant scientific and management minds with special business opportunities and organizations.   

  2.        Technology Commercialization - The IX Power team of regular staff, partners and advisors is a league of amazingly experienced professionals that has unparalleled experience in successful tech and non-tech product commercialization from initial design to sales.

  3.        Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing Services - The IX Power Foundation leverages the many years of experience of its principals to carve out unique PR and marketing strategies that fit the culture of the client company and industry.       



Contact Information:

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