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Clean Water for Bangladesh


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Rather than spend money to attend an expensive event to raise awareness about Bangladesh’s water problems, we request you make a donation to the campaign to help actually create Clean Water for Bangladesh.  None of your donation will go to paying for an event, or salaries, or anything except getting the water cleaning machines directly to the two remote villages of Gadaipur and Kamarkhola in Bangladesh.

Why Bangladesh?


With research documenting that over 20 million Bangladeshis are forced to use arsenic-laced waterbecause no other water is available, it appears Bangladesh may indeed have the worst water on the planet.


And, it's killing them.


One out of every five people in that country die from arsenic poisoning.


The World Health Organization states that

Bangladesh is dealing with the largest mass poisoning

of a population in history.  


Witnesses and researchers contend that the scale of this environmental disaster is greater than any seen before.  They say it is well beyond the accidents at Bhopal, India in 1984, and the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident in the Ukraine in 1986.


And, it's unnecessary!  Their water can be cleaned - treated to remove the deadly arsenic and other contaminants that have destroyed their water supply!  The only water supply they have for drinking, bathing, watering livestock and crops.


In an effort to address this horrible situation, the IX Power Foundation is raising funds to purchase and send treatment systems that were specially designed to clean the type of toxins - arsenic, lead, iron, and more - out of large quantities of water.


This is not an effort to send purification tablets or individual devices that can only assist one individual per unit.  The systems the Foundation is sending were designed by a team of scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico Tech and the University of Texas to remove toxins such as arsenic from large quantities of water; enough water to sustain villages of 1,500 to 3,000 people every day for years.

Indication of disease caused by arsenic exposure.

What danger does arsenic pose?


The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies arsenic and arsenic compounds as carcinogenic to humans, whether consumed in drinking or cooking water, or in produce grown in arsenic water.  It is also carcinogenic via exposure to the skin.


The World Health Organization indicates that immediate symptoms of acute arsenic poisoning abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting. These symptoms are followed by muscle cramping, numbness and tingling of the extremities, and death.


The first indications of long-term exposure include changes in the skin including lesions, hard patches and pigmentation, all of which are a precursor to skin cancer. Other cancers include those of the bladder and lungs.


Other effects from exposure include:

"blackfoot disease" which leads to gangrene


pulmonary disease

cardiovascular disease


birth defects

infant death

poor cognitive development

Arsenic & other toxins are abundant in rivers, streams, and groundwater from wells in Bangladesh.

What caused this crisis of water contamination in Bangladesh?


Arsenic contamination can be caused by industrial processes.  It's used as an alloying agent in industry, and is also used in the processing of pigments,  paper, wood preservatives, and ammunition.  A lot of particular attention has been given the pollution in Bangladesh created by the processing of hides for leather, and the dyeing of cloth for clothing manufacturers. Indeed the news reports are scary and real, and Bangladesh's huge factories churning out fashion goods for the rest of planet is a factor for its population's poor health.


However, much of Bangladesh's arsenic contamination crisis, is also occurring "naturally" in the groundwater as the water flows up through arsenic-rich sediments into wells. And, there are many questions as to exactly how this is happening.  But, with increased pollution of surface waters in recent years, the population has been forced to resort to groundwater that perhaps they did not have to access before.


So today they are drinking arsenic water, prepping food with it, bathing in it, working in it, using it on their crops, and giving it to their livestock.


Please visit our Go Fund Me site, or contact the IX Power Foundation office for assist on a large scale.




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