The IX Power Foundation supports people, new technologies, services and projects for a better world. We are pleased to be the founding sponsor of Jeffco International Women's Day.
The IX Power Foundation supports people, new technologies, services and projects for a better world. We are pleased to be the founding sponsor of Jeffco International Women's Day. 

Our Services

       The IX Power Foundation is a working nonprofit.


        Our fundraising goal is simple:  to be able to afford to donate the technology, equipment and people for the projects we support in the most desperate locations around the world, and here at home in the western states of the U.S.


         Our fundraising is to generate revenue so that IX Power Clean Water can send OrganiClear produced water cleaning machines overseas, but also to pay the operations costs for such initiatives as the free JeffCo Innovators' Workshop, the Innovation Faire, and other local economic development activities that the Foundation is collaborating with others on, or initiatives that are entirely our own.


         But rather than just plead for donations, our staff is earning the funds to pay for these projects.

We're doing this by offering a variety of services for "for profit" businesses.


         Of course these client businesses must be in line with our core values.


         And, if the business is one which provides an identifiable benefit to the community - whether local or global - those services are often below market price. 


         Today the services the IX Power Foundation offers can be categorized into threee main areas:


  • Technology Commercialization

  • Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing

  • IX Power People


 Often the Foundation will direct efforts that involve all three of these areas, but services in each are indeed available on a separate basis.


For more information, please contact us.




Contact Information:

IX Power Foundation

Deborah Deal, APR

420 Corporate Circle, Suite F

Golden, Colorado 80401

Phone:  303-277-9520, ext. 310


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