Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...
Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...

We're proud to announce the finalists for our 2019 "Unsung Heroine Award" and the "Shattered Glass Award"

Recognition of the winners will be made at the March 8, 2019 luncheon, seminars, and business showcase event at Baldoria on the Water.

See bios about all of our Finalists HERE.

Unsung Heroine Award Nominees:


Dr. Julia Atkins

Carol Ann Bowles

Susan Golicic

Roxann Ritchie

Ashley Ruiz

Toni Winkler

Phyllis Writz


Shattered Glass Award Nominees:


Dr. Gayle P. Crawford
Dr. Neena Jain
Lynn Johnson
Erika Schultz
Jennifer Thoemke

Alicia Welch


Thank you Joni Inman for all your work wrangling the awards entries this year!  



Judging was accomplished by the JeffCo International Women's Day Advisory Board. Preference was given to nominees that have not received an award from a Chamber of Commerce in the past two years, and those that are not elected officials.  We are always looking for fresh faces - previously unrecognized heros of our community!

               Joni Inman



Deadline for submittal of applications was

NOON, Friday, February 8, 2019.



SCL Health Lutheran is the Title Sponsor, and 

The City of Golden is the City Sponsor for JeffCo International Women’s Day 2019.

IX Power Clean Water is the Corporate Sponsor.


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