Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...
Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...

Our Program for March 8, 2018 at Baldoria on the Water includes:



9 - 11 am :     Mini Seminars from some of our area's best and brightest to inspire and entertain you!


11 - 11:30:     Network & learn at our Business & Organization Showcase


11:30 - 1:15:   Our main event : 

                        Guest Speakers & Dignitaries

                        Girls in STEM Competition winners

                        Innovator Woman of the Year

                        Volunteer Woman of the Year

                        This year's "Inspiring Song"

                        Our Keynote Speaker Brynn Watson

                        Door Prizes


Keynote Speaker:

Brynn Watson
Vice President, Navigation Systems Operations
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Brynn Watson is Vice President of Navigation Systems Operations and deputy for the Global Positioning System (GPS) III program for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (SSC).  GPS III is the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation program improving position, navigation, and timing services to all users.  In this role, she manages day-to-day operations, ensuring GPS III achieves 100% Mission Success.  

Read more about Brynn HERE.

Inclusion in all of the great seminars from 9 am - 11 am (see below) is part of your Women's Day ticket:


            By Lorraine DAversa
My presentation will address how to live, full-out and embody our True Self. We will identify:

    • The ROLES our family and society hired us to play.
    • How these roles served us.
    • How these roles limited, distracted and most likely still distract us.
    • If we are determined and ready to discover our TRUE SELF.
    • How our brains can hinder or assist us.
    • The Building Blocks that will lead us in Becoming Our TRUE SELF.
Keeping Your “Why” Alive! 
              with Amira Watters
What’s your “Why”? 
What motivates you and keeps you going?  
Are you passionate about life or have you fallen into the routine rut? 
In today’s busy world, it’s easy to get distracted and forget our “Why.” Work/Life Balance is an essential key to living a successful life and happy life, and yet this is one of our most significant challenges. 
Join us for a Holistic approach - mind-body-spirit, where you will learn simple yet powerful techniques for maintaining balance, managing stress and staying inspired about so you can maximize success and easily achieve your goals!


Get Your Brain in the Game!
             with Coach Stacy Fowler, MS, CPT

Learn how to make your brain play well in all your games:  The game of life, the game of work, the game of health, and the game of relationships.


About the Location:

Baldoria on the Water

is the site for all our seminars, the business showcase, and our main luncheon event.










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