The IX Power Foundation brings the resources of IX Power Clean Water to developing and in need communities. The IX Power Foundation also coordinates Colorado Women's Day (TM)
The IX Power Foundation brings the resourcesof IX Power Clean Water to developing and in need communities.The IX Power Foundation also coordinates Colorado Women's Day (TM)   

The IX Power Foundation, supported by IX Power Clean Water, is proud to be the founding and coordinating organization for Colorado Women's Day which is held in concert with International Women's Day.

The IX Power Foundation's mission is


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March 10 & 11, 2022

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The 7th Annual



Thursday, March 10 and

Friday, March 11, 2022


Lutheran Medical Center is one of our primary sponsors for the 2022 event March 10& 11.

In 2022, proceeds from Colorado Women's Day will go to support water infrastructure projects of the local Rotary International group WASH District 5450 at Native American reservations and for in-need communities abroad.



Colorado Women's Day has participated in International Women's Day for six years.  Learn what other groups around the world are doing by visiting the IWD website.

What's NEW at the IX Power Foundation        

IX Power Foundation Grant Program

With every industrial water treatment project that IX Power Clean Water completes, the IX Power Foundation will help bring clean water to an in-need ommunity without charge.  For more information about this program, email: Deborah Deal,



Sponsors for the 2021 Colorado Women's Day

For the 2021 event on Friday, May 7, our sponsors included:


the City of Golden


Bank of Colorado


the Colorado Women's Alliance


IX Power Clean Water





Nominations for Women's Day 2022 Awards

Know a Colorado woman who deserves recognition for her volunteer efforts, or an innovative woman who is a model for other women striving to make their dreams a reality in politics, government, or the public or private sector?  Nominate them for them for one of six awards that will be presented at the Colorado Women's Day luncheon on March 11, 2022. 


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View our video greeting for Women's Equality Day 


in 2020, Women's Equality Day was on August 26.  On it we  commemorated the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment as part of the United States Constitution, which secured for women the right to vote. 

View the Jeffco International Women's Day documentary greeting for Women's Equality Day HERE.



IX Power Clean Water News 

IX Power Clean Water which provides the primary support for the IX Power Foundation is changing the way industry thinks about and addresses the tremendous amount of fresh water that is used for industrial purposes and how it can be recycled.


Learn more HERE about what's happening at IX Power Clean Water

Issues of the IX Power Foundation 

Read more about the issues that the IX Power Foundation concentrates on and some of the data behind them. 



Read more about the issue of Water, Women, and how the growing problem of having enough clean water affects women in particular HERE.



Winners of Colorado Women's Day's "Unsung Heroine" & "Shattered Glass" awards received artwork from Marlina Hullum 

To learn more about Marlina and see more of her artwork, click HERE.





Health & Wellness Resources


The IX Power Foundation is concerned with the health & wellness of people and the environment. 


Check our list of resources HERE.









Why are the IX Power Foundation and IX Power Clean Water involved in International Women's Day?


Water and the treatment of Women (and other disadvantaged peoples) - they are at the intersection of the world's most pressing issues.  The IX Power companies have dedicated their corporate missions to helping improve the future of both.


Here's one part of the situation to start putting the whole picture in perspective!


In 80% of households without close access to water, the responsibility falls on women and girls

to fetch and carry it. Around the world, females spend 200 million hours per day getting and water for their households. In poorer nations, they walk an average of nearly four miles per day

for it. The time and energy used to access clean water perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Hours

spent retrieving water means hours not working or studying. A study in Tanzania showed a

12% increase in attendance when water could be found within 15 minutes of more remote



A further concern is the danger involved. In areas like Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and the border between Afghanistan and Iran, water is not only a source of discord, it is dangerous for women to make the trek to water sources each day. In addition to potential conflict between factions, there are risks of physical or sexual assault. Fetching water may, in fact, be truly dangerous. There is also the physical toll of carrying water. Jerry cans are used, each of which holds an average of five gallons and weighs 40 pounds. Women most often carry those containers on their heads, leading to serious injury to neck and spine, made worse when carried by young girls.



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