Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...
Supporting new technologies, services and projects for a better world ...

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International Women's Day 2018



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Special thanks to our Sponsors for their support of our 2017 event!   Your generosity helped encourage many women, and many young women in STEM careers!  Additionally, we were able to provide a sizeable grant for the STEM program in our Jefferson County schools!



A not-for-profit  501 (c) 3 organization, the IX Power Foundation was founded in 2012 to advance innovative technologies and organizations focused on improving the planet.  


The Foundation's leading concern is clean water - assisting the promotion of technologies that can turn water contaminated by industry and resource extraction methods and turning it into clean "found" water that can be utilized by people, livestock and agriculture.  

Help us stop senseless disease and death by providing the

most basic, yet important, element on the planet:

clean, toxin-free water! 


Help us send special water cleaning / treatment machines to Bangladesh.


Why Bangladesh? 

The people of Bangladesh are dying from possibly the worst water on the planet.  20 million poor people there have nothing but deadly arsenic contaminated water to survive on, and 1 in 5 of all Bangladeshis dies from this poison. Some of this water contamination is naturally-occurring, but far too much of it is caused by the factories dumping the chemicals and dyes that is used in manufacturing the textiles and leather that goes on our backs here in wealthy nations like the U.S.

"Bangladesh is grappling with the largest mass poisoning of a population in history. The scale of this environmental disaster is greater than any seen before; it is beyond the accidents at Bhopal, India, in 1984, and Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986."

- World Health Organization

Learn more Here, and on our fundraising page, CLEAN WATER FOR BANGLADESH.

An Informative Interview on Produced Water from the Oil & Gas Industry

and the future of Small Nuclear Power

John Grizz Deal, CEO of the IX Power Clean Water, was recently interviewed on the "POWER HOUR" about the opportunities for produced water from oil & gas operations, and about the history and future of Small Modular (nuclear power) Reactors (SMRs). 


Before taking the helm at IX Power Clean Water, Grizz was the CEO at Hyperion Power Generation, the first SMR company to present a new reactor design before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the 21st century.


To hear the broadcast, click HERE.


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is available this summer for small communities, ranches, and farms that have a problem with arsenic in their local drinking water via wells from contaminated groundwater.  


The IX Power Foundation is offering assistance with the purchase of the IX Water Blü arsenic removal system. For more information, call 303-277-9520.

Check the map above to see if your area has a problem. Note that the states in the U.S. with substantial problems include:  New Mexico, Texas, Wisconsin, parts of California, Alaska and more.  


For information about these and additional subsidies that are available, Click Here.



The Foundation's work on water issues is augmented by a variety of interests and activities on a local, regional, and global scale.


All of our activities can be categorized into three main areas:


  • Knowledge Transfer: Assisting “positive-goal”-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations by transferring key knowledge that assists growth and direction. The Foundation does this by offering consulting services, speakers and teachers, and placement of exceptional scientific and executive talent.


  • Issue Promotion:  Promoting and supporting issues and technological advancements, both local and abroad, that create a positive nexus for humanity, the economy, and the environment.


  • Project Creation:  Creating and supporting projects both within the U.S. and internationally that encourage and demonstrate advancements in technologies and practices that improve living conditions of the population, while preferably also having a positive impact on the environment.



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