A huge issue: Women & Water!

     Next to air, water is the most important resource on Earth.  Yet, so many go without clean water every day, or even any water al all.  

     The Unted Nations reports 2.3 billion people live in water-stressed countries. In low-income countries across the globe, women and girls bear the brunt of the work to find and transport water for their families.  And, the water they often locate is contaminated and not fit for human consumption. 

     Spending hours a day hauling water prevents women and girls from going to school, working a job, and even other household duties - all of which would improve their lives and that of their families. They also put themselves at risk from attack when they venture beyond their residence.

     Making clean, safe water available for everyone is a priority of  the IX Power Foundation and we are working to develop solutions that can address the problem of water scarcity, particularly in remote areas.


UNICEF: Collecting Water is often a Colossal Waste of Time for Women and Girls  ~ read the story HERE.

CDC: Global WASH Fast Facts ~ get the facts HERE

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