A Huge ISSUE:  Women & Water!

UNICEF: Collecting Water is often a Colossal Waste of Time for Women and Girls  ~ read the story HERE.

CDC: Global WASH Fast Facts ~ get the facts HERE

     Next to air, water is the most important resource on Earth.  Yet, so many go without clean water every day, or even any water al all.  

     The Unted Nations reports 2.3 billion people live in water-stressed countries. In low-income countries across the globe, women and girls bear the brunt of the work to find and transport water for their families.  And, the water they often locate is contaminated and not fit for human consumption. 

     Spending hours a day hauling water prevents women and girls from going to school, working a job, and even other household duties - all of which would improve their lives and that of their families. They also put themselves at risk from attack when they venture beyond their residence.

     Making clean, safe water available for everyone is a priority of  the IX Power Foundation and we are working to develop solutions that can address the problem of water scarcity, particularly in remote areas.


What we're doing and what You can do!


The annual Colorado Women's Day celebration for 2022, coordinated by the IX Power Foundation, raised several thousand dollars. That money is going to SSAAP - the Simwatachela Sustainable Agricultural & Arts Program - to help dig and construct wells in rural villages in Zambia and Sierra Leone. The simple infrastructure of toilets and clean water that Americans take for granted is non-existent for so many Africans. Proceeds from this year's Colorado Women's Day will also go to Rotary International's District5450 WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programs around the globe.


We're also helping to build libraries - and You can help too!



The IX Power Foundation is accepting donations of used books to be sent to create the SSAAP "Literacy Libraries" in Zambia and Sierra Leone, plus a separate "Peace Library" in Sierra Leone. HOWEVER - the cost of shipping to get the books and other necessities to Africa for the libraries is very high! We are holding a fundraiser simply to raise funds to pay for the international shipping.
Donate to the "shipping" fund for books for Pages for the Planet Here.
Any amount you can give will assist us in getting these important materials just that much closer to people who truly NEED your assistance. The villages in rural Africa that are served by SSAAP are in such remote and destitute areas that the more famous and well-funded charitable organizations will not even visit them. Getting books and other printed materials in these locations is impossible without your help, but so greatly needed. Next to water (and food), which we are also working on, education is what's going to lift these people from their dire circumstances into a self-reliant lifestyle that will cure many issues for them.
If you want your dollar donations to go directly to help people really living in desperate conditions, then "Pages for the Planet" on GoFundMe is your charity! Neither the IX Power Foundation nor SSAAP employs paid staff. ZERO. None of your donations will go to anything except to pay for shipping the items that others have donated. The IX Power Foundation is a ten-year-old 501(c)(3) based in Golden, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we are working with the 501(c)(3) called SSAAP (Simwatachela Sustainable Agricultural & Arts Program) that was founded by, and is operated by, Heather Cumming. Heather is a former Peace Corp worker with 20 years of experience in the field in Africa.
You can also give directly to SSAAP and even purchase beautiful art directly from the villagers in Zambia and Sierra Leone. Visit: https://www.ssaap.org. (No retailer or middle-man to pay!)
The IX Power Foundation is the nonprofit, charitable arm of IX Power Clean Water, a global enterprise that collaborates with universities and the U.S. DOE National Laboratory system to commercialize game-changing technology. IX Power provides unique solutions to treating the most deadly, contaminant-laden water from industry, mining, and agriculture so that it can safely be reused by industry and agriculture. It is also launching a "village-sized" treatment train to provide excellent clean water for human consumption.
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